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Apr. 23rd, 2013

The Silence

So my son and I have these marks all over us.....

Happy Doctor Who Silence Day to all my fellow Whovians! Just dropped by to say keep fighting! ;)

Jan. 16th, 2013

I have a gift!!

I received a lovely gift story from my Mystery Author! I absolutely *love* it and I'm sure you would as well! Go read it and leave my awesome gifter some love. <3


May. 20th, 2012

The Silence


So, it's been literally months since I've posted here. Yikes! So here's what has been going on.

Fading is at a stand still right now. My plot bunnies for BITR were significantly more aggressive and so I put all my writing efforts into that story. On the bright side, Bumps is now up to Chapter 5, which is with my beta as we speak. I will be posting that as soon as she gets it back to me. After that, however, I will be taking a hiatus on both stories in order to participate in my first every sshg exchange! *squeals*

I've also discovered some plot bunnies for a new fandom. Supernatural. I started out watching the show when it first started, but stopped after the second season for one reason or another. I'm catching up on Netflix now and my mind is BURSTING with fanfiction plot bunnies. So stay tuned for that possibility. =) 

Feb. 29th, 2012

The Silence

Scream of Excitement!

So, I get to take a break from life for five days. Which in and of itself is awesome. But...I get to spend in Orlando, FL at Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Aahhh!! I'm so excited I could burst. I'm having a little writer's block with Bumps, so I'm hoping to draw some inspiration this week and come home ready to write up a storm!! =D

Feb. 7th, 2012

The Silence

RL sucks sometimes, which is why I love fandom

Do you ever have those weeks where you think "this just can't get any worse, right?". Yeah, had one of those last week.

I ended up pulling an 8-hour closing shift and then had to turn around and open the store on short notice (like an hour and twenty minutes before opening) since my store manager was on vacation and the assistant manager who was scheduled had to go out of town for some reason. Since there are only three of us, I got the lovely job of dragging myself out of bed just six hours after my closing shift and open the store. The assistant manager was suppose to be back to close the store, but she didn't show up. So I ended up closing. Again. The next day, my cell phone, which had been on the fritz for some time, finally died. So as I was driving to work without my phone, my car died. So when I finally found someone who would let me borrow a phone to call my mom to come pick me up, I was about forty-five minutes later for work. And work. was. horrible.

It's tax season here and everyone seems to be getting a lot back this year. Apparently, shoes is a top item on everyone's list because we haven't been this busy since Christmas! It was crazy. I got to take a break to go to Mass since I would be working the next day (Sunday) and my dad informed me that I had lost a rod(?) and would probably need to have my engine rebuilt on my car. Yikes!

Mass always soothes my nerves and I love going. So I was in a relatively better mood when I arrived back at work. But then I was informed that all of the back-logged paperwork, markdowns, etc., were my responsibility and that I had better come in early the next day to finish it before Monday. It's nice to know that my manager (who had just come back from VACATION!) is the one pulling her weight. (note the sarcasm?) So, instead of watching the Super Bowl like almost every other American, I was stuck inside store hanging flipflops and doing payroll. I didn't even get a break for lunch or dinner.

I arrived home on the verge of tears because of over-stretched nerves, the fact that I hadn't seen my son in almost three days, and a slight feeling of hopelessness upon seeing my dear Fiona (my car) sitting dead in the driveway. But out of all of this, I lost myself in my fandom writing. I completely forgot about work and Fiona and that I didn't have a phone. Because Hermione and Severus have bigger issues! I love it! Plus, it's so much cheaper than "real" therapy. =)

*sighs* Thanks for letting my whine. Keep an eye out for the third and fourth chapters of Bumps In The Road. Brought to you courtesy of RL drama.

Jan. 27th, 2012

The Silence


So, it's been a great day. My baby turned 3 today. We had a fun day eating at McDonald's, buying some new cowboy boots, and jumping around at a Monkey Joe's. And then we both took a 2-hour nap. =)


Second chapter of Bumps In The Road is up on FF.net and my inbox has been FLOODED with feedback all day! Eek!! It's been so exciting. The first chapter is up on TPP and is receiving feedback as well. And all of this positive reinforcement has fueled my inner monologue and I am spending the evening writing the third chapter! *sigh of contentment*

Well, I'm off to write. Please go read and enjoy my archived stories if you haven't already. =)

<3 Ader 

Jan. 19th, 2012

The Silence

Back In Game

Hello all!

The holidays are now over (*does a little dance*) and work is not as hectic anymore. This, of course, gives me more time for writing! Yay! So catch up:

Fading Chapter 4 is posted on Ashwinder and FF.net. It's in queue for Petulant Poetess. I've hit a little bit of a block for the fifth chapter. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to sort it out.

Bumps In The Road Chapter 1, A Bottle Of Firewhiskey, is posted at Ashwinder and FF.net. Also, in queue for Petulant Poetess. The second chapter is with my wonderful beta, AmyLouise, and will posted as soon as I've made the final touches.

I have a couple of plot bunnies running around my head. One for a mid-length, and one for a possible epic, novel. 

I hope all of you will take some time to read and review. It really fuels my inner monologue. =)

<3 Ader

Dec. 30th, 2011

The Silence

A Good Lie

So, I lied about nothing being posted until after the first of the year. Hehe. The first chapter of Bumps In The Road is up on Ashwinder. Go. Read. Review. =)

<3 Ader

Dec. 23rd, 2011

The Silence

The Holidays

Hi all! 

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I have the first chapter of Bump In The Road finished and ready to post and the fourth chapter of Fading in the works. Because I work retail and simply because it's the Advent and Christmas seasons, nothing will be posted until after the first of the year. But hang with me!

I wish all of you a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

<3 Ader

Nov. 15th, 2011

The Silence

(no subject)

So, because the kiddo is still napping and I love these types of things....

1. Mommy
2. Adrianne
3. Ader
4. Adriannie
5. madam_ader
6. ader_snape

1. Old Navy Trouser jeans
2. Pink flowered tank top
3. Lavender cardigan sweater

1. My son to stay asleep for a few more minutes
2. Cooler weather (it's in the 70s in NOVEMBER!! >=[ )
3. Another day off work

1. No on in particular...

1. Watched HP DH pt. 1
2. Did some laundry
3. Started my profile to be certified on Perfect Imagination

1. My son's godmother and my bestie
2. My mama
3. My grandmother

1. More laundry
2. Go to work
3. Go to bed at a decent hour?

1. Raspberry Tea
2. Rootbeer
3. Mocha Latte
4. Water

1. My son
2. Talking to friend
3. Finishing a chapter of a story

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